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Why "Moonblind"?

The title "Moonblind" came from the idea that what's beyond your reach often overshadows what you already have. A full moon on a clear night is a beautiful thing, but the longer you look at it the more it darkens the beauty that surrounds you.

"It's Alright, We're Ok"

We started this track by roaming Barrio Viejo & the Presidio in Tucson, AZ, and recording and looping the sounds we found with an iPhone. Those percussive parts are the foundation the song. We then transferred those sounds to the studio and wrote and produced the rest of the song, adding guitars, synth, drums and vocals. 
The lyrics are a parallel exploration of struggles both in culture and in personal relationships. The chorus borders between blissful dissociation and hope for the future. We find hope in the idea that everyone really is trying to find a way to make things better, even if that pushes us to drastically different places. Maybe one day we'll become more aware of how little we actually solidly "know", and we can work together toward real solutions to the problems we face. 


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